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Editorial Introduction [to Female Germ Cells: Biology and Genetic Risk]


Dellarco, V. AND M. Shelby. Editorial Introduction [to Female Germ Cells: Biology and Genetic Risk]. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., EPA/600/J-93/169 (NTIS PB93194371), 1992.


This is an editorial introduction to the special issue of utation Research, titled, emale Germ Cells: Biology and Genetic isk, which is an attempt to present a collection of papers that emphasize the distinct properties of female germ cells and their characteristic response to mutagens. he potential for contributing faulty or damaged genetic material that may result in the death or ill health of the offspring is shared by both parents. hus, it is remarkable that nearly all studies on the chemical induction of transmissible genetic damage have been conducted on male germ cells. his imbalance of research is largely due to the difficulty and inconvenience of studying induced genetic damage in female germ cells. he papers in this special issue call attention to the need for expanded research on genetic risk, and particularly the impact on the reproductive health of women.

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