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EPA Tools & Resources Training Webinar:?The Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) tool for Ecological Risk Assessment


Raimondo, Sandy. EPA Tools & Resources Training Webinar:?The Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) tool for Ecological Risk Assessment. EPA Tools & Resources Training Webinar, GULF BREEZE, FL, October 13, 2022.


As the international risk assessment community moves away from animal testing and towards New Approach Methodologies, Web-ICE has great utility to fill the information space historically provided by acute animal tests. The use of Web-ICE to estimate toxicity to endangered species is particularly important because of the legal requirements to assess risks of new and existing chemicals to federally listed species and the challenges of measuring toxicity directly in listed species. This training webinar will provide an overview of Web-ICE, including a brief overview of ICE models, demonstration of its application with example case studies, and a tutorial on using the internet application.


Protecting the diversity of species from the adverse effects of chemicals is a significant environmental challenge. Information on the effects of chemicals on species is either very limited or lacking entirely, making management and mitigation of environmental contaminants difficult. EPA developed the Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) tool to allow toxicity extrapolation from standard test organisms to diverse taxa, including endangered species. This publicly-accessible application allows risk assessors and environmental managers from all sectors to estimate chemical toxicity to a diversity of fresh and saltwater invertebrates and fish, birds and mammals, and aquatic plants (algae) that may have limited toxicity data. Web-ICE contains modules for estimating chemical hazard levels for aquatic and terrestrial ecological communities and estimating sensitivity of federally listed aquatic and wildlife taxa. This tool has been extensively peer reviewed and is used by EPA to assess chemical risks, establish water quality benchmarks, and protect threatened and endangered species.

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