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Alignment with Other Tools: WATCH Workshop


West, J., J. Stamp, AND A. Hamilton. Alignment with Other Tools: WATCH Workshop. Wetlands Assessment Tool: Health and Condition (WATCH)--Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Workshop, SILVER SPRING, MD, March 30, 2021.


This is an invited presentation for a workshop hosted by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE) on PDE's Wetlands Assessment Tool: Health and Condition (WATCH). The presentation will introduce how EPA tools can work in conjunction with the flexibilities of the WATCH tool to to further incorporate climate change information into site condition assessments. The audience will include Federal and State, academic and NGO environmental scientists and natural resource managers from throughout the Delaware Bay region.


The talk will present ongoing work under SHC 10.5.1, which involves a study of how EPA tools can be 'harmonized' for use in conjunction with PDE partner tools. There will be a general overview of EPA's Relative Wetland Vulnerabilities Framework (RWVF), CADDIS tool and Adaptation Design Tool, with attention to their potential for being used in conjunction with the PDE WATCH tool; this will be followed by a closer look at an ongoing exercise to "crosswalk" the EPA RWVF with WATCH to explore how their uses can be harmonized.

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