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Surface Decontamination Options for a Fentanyl-Contaminated Building Interior


Oudejans, L., M. Magnuson, D. See, M. Corlew, C. Dodds, AND W. Hayes. Surface Decontamination Options for a Fentanyl-Contaminated Building Interior. To be Presented at 2019 US EPA International Decontamination Research and Development Conference, Norfolk,VA, November 19 - 21, 2019.


Illicit fentanyl use activities that result in the contamination of indoor environments continue to rise. Each incident creates an exposure risk to law enforcement, first responders, and remediation contractors. Remediation operations will benefit from improved knowledge on in situ neutralization options of fentanyl and its analogs on building materials. The results of this research will inform the EPA response community as well as other Federal, State, Tribal and Local agencies on the means to decontaminate sites and personnel contaminated with fentanyl.


Presentation on fentanyl decontamination research to the 11th US EPA Int. Decon R&D Conference. The presentation will provide an overview of EPA’s current role in fentanyl responses and will contain results from decontamination research that was initiated to fill select gaps identified during the development of EPA’s Fentanyl Fact Sheet for OSCs.

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