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Safety Assessment of Nanotechnology Products


Boyes, W. Safety Assessment of Nanotechnology Products. Chapter 9, Charlene McQueen (ed.), Comprehensive Toxicology, Third Edition. ELSEVIER, AMSTERDAM, Holland, , 34-43, (2018).


This is an update of a book chapter. It discusses general background information on nanomaterials and approaches to testing them.


Nanotechnology has important opportunities to affect technological challenges in such diverse areas as electronics, energy, water purification, food storage, and therapeutics. These emerging technologies hold great promise both for global economic growth and a sustainable environment for human welfare. Because the interaction of nanomaterials with the environment and living systems is largely unknown and difficult to predict, however, nanotechnology has a potential for demonstrating both benefits and risks. There has been substantial progress over the last decade in evaluating and understanding the potential for engineered nanomaterials to present risks to human health or to sensitive environmental species. Yet there remain significant knowledge gaps and needs for further research.

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