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Environmental Chemistry Principles in Site Remediation (CEECHE 2018 Krakow Poland)


Al-Abed, S., Y. He, D. Dionysiou, AND J. McKernan. Environmental Chemistry Principles in Site Remediation (CEECHE 2018 Krakow Poland). CEECHE 2018, Krakow, N/A, POLAND, June 10 - 14, 2018.


CEECHE 2018 conference and workshop will provide environmental scientists, engineers, and health participants training and exposure to current methods and advances in Environmental Remediation/Rehabilitation of contaminated sites and Environmental Risk Assessment/Epidemiology. The meeting and the workshop will include presentation and lectures by scientists with hands on experience on the aforementioned topics. Presenters will include environmental science/research professionals from the USEPA, USNIEHS, Universities from the US and cross Europe.


In CEECHE meeting, we will present scientific, engineering information and case studies on sustainable and innovative remediation technologies used in contaminated sites in Europe and the United States. One of the most important tasks to be performed to remediate contaminated sites is to find the proper technology to be implemented in each matrix (soil, water, etc.). Remedial actions need to provide a clear identification and detection of contaminants of concern (COCs) and in which matrix they are present. The next step is to link the COCs with a suitable remediation technology providing the best cost-benefit. Successful remediation should be sustainable by relying on less energy consumption and capitalize on available and innovative material to extract, immobilize and degrade COCs. Our case studies will present experimental designs and results based scientific principles applied to contaminated sites with metals and organic by the identification of patterns of decision-making, applications and achieved results, and by evaluating the lessons learned from successfully remediated sites. Overall, the CEECHE 2018 meeting will be a very useful forum to present success stories on mediation technology selection beneficial to environmental researchers in eastern Europe and worldwide.



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