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Site Characterization and Monitoring Technical Support Center FY16 Report


Barnett, F., C. Sibert, AND J. Szaro. Site Characterization and Monitoring Technical Support Center FY16 Report. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-17/409, 2017.


The SCMTSC is operated by members of ORD’s Superfund and Technology Liaison (STL) Program and supported by staff in National Exposure Research Laboratory Exposure Methods and Measurements Division (NERL-EMMD) ( The process for requesting technical support is shown as a flow chart in Figure 1. The SCMTSC Director receives requests for technical support from STLs and EPA regional and headquarters waste program staff for their respective sites, states, and tribes. The Region’s STL logs the request into the Site Technical Assistance Reporting System (STARS) database. Based on the information provided, the SCMTSC Director communicates with SCMTSC subject matter experts identifying if and how SCMTSC can address the technical support issue. Light-blue arrows show these and additional communication channels for identification, discussion, and development of the technical support needs/requests that ensure planned products are timely and relevant to the need. Green arrows indicate the specific request and dark blue arrows follow delivery of the technical support product. Products (review comments, data, reports, issue papers, etc.) are delivered from the ORD subject matter technical expert(s) to the SCMTSC Director for final approval and delivery to the client. If the product is sensitive or requires policy or peer review, the SCMTSC Director will coordinate additional reviews prior to delivery.


SCMTSC’s primary goal is to provide technical assistance to regional programs on complex hazardous waste site characterization issues. This annual report illustrates the range and extent of projects that SCMTSC supported in FY 2016. Our principal audiences are site project managers, regional management, the Regional Forums and States through their Regional contacts. This report is also intended for our benefactors, Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM) and Office of Research and Development (ORD), to show that their generous financial investment and expertise are important components in cleaning up sites and protecting our communities. Our goal for this report is to demonstrate our capabilities and accomplishments so that project managers and technical support staff will continue to look to SCMTSC as a valuable resource in solving complex hazardous site investigation and cleanup issues.


SIBERT ORD-023752 FINAL EXTERNAL REPORT..PDF   (PDF,NA pp, 7664.523 KB,  about PDF)

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