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Methane Dynamics in Flooded Lands


Beaulieu, J. Methane Dynamics in Flooded Lands. Presented at Miami University Biology Department Seminar Series, Oxford, OH, April 19, 2016.


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Methane (CH4) is the second most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas with a heat trapping capacity 34 times greater than that of carbon dioxide on a100 year time scale. Known anthropogenic CH4 sources include livestock production, rice agriculture, landfills, and natural gas mining, but the EPA’sGreenhouse Gas Inventory underestimates CH4 emissions in the United States, suggesting that the inventory is missing additional sources. One knownsource of CH4 not currently included in the Greenhouse Gas Inventory is emissions from reservoirs. This webinar will present current EPA research in thisarea, including 1) a case study of a reservoir in Ohio, 2) an analysis of the factors controlling CH4 emission rates at the global scale, and 3) researchdesigned to identify possible mitigation actions.

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