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Water Utility Case Study of Real-Time Network Hydraulic and Water Quality Modeling Using EPANET-RTX Libraries


U.S. EPA. Water Utility Case Study of Real-Time Network Hydraulic and Water Quality Modeling Using EPANET-RTX Libraries. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-14/350, 2014.


Provides a comprehensive description of the development and performance of an EPANET-RTX-based real-time hydraulic and water quality network model, including a description of the data processing steps, and an evaluation of model accuracy using all available operational Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) data streams in a complex real distribution system. The following outcomes are provided: • We provided to partnering utility a list of infrastructure model errors and an improved water distribution system network model. • We provided an EPANET-RTX-based analysis finding a potential critical valve failure or sensor failure in the NKWD distribution system. • We demonstrated the feasibility to easily and efficiently leverage existing model and SCADA data assets for real-time modeling and we summarized three critical findings from this research with respect to using SCADA data for real-time modeling and simulation. • We demonstrated a water security application using the EPANET-RTX technology showing how real-time water quality simulation results could be used for improved contamination detection. • We provided a concise list of five major steps for developing a real-time model and implementing real-time analytics using SCADA data assets. • We provided a discussion of some potential barriers to real-time model development and implementation for the water community.




EPANET-RTX Case Study Report   (PDF,NA pp, 10038 KB,  about PDF)

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