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ORD Scientific and Engineering Technical Support for RPMs – Ground Water Technical Support Center



Presentation for the 21st Annual NARPM Training Program in Kansas City, MO (May 16-20, 2011)


ORD Scientific and Engineering Technical Support for RPMs (and Others) is a hybrid informational and panel session that focuses on the technical support available from EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) to RPMs and other EPA cleanup program staff. Examples of technical support may range from providing a detailed review with recommendations for a single technical document to complex multi-site investigation and remediation activities. The session includes: • An overview of the ORD Superfund and Technology Liaison (STL) program to provide RPMs with information on how to access free scientific and engineering technical support from an ORD staff member stationed right alongside them in the regional offices • An overview of the following three ORD Technical Support Centers (TSC) to provide RPMs with information on center capabilities and how to request technical support: - Site Characterization and Monitoring Technical Support Center (SCMTSC) - Engineering Technical Support Center (ETSC) - Ground Water Technical Support Center (GWTSC) • Case study examples to show how RPMs have used ORD technical support to make informed decisions during management of their sites • A panel made up of ORD STLs, ORD TSC directors, and RPMs to address any questions from the audience. Real-time audience participation is encouraged to further identify RPM current technical support needs and facilitate a dialogue for future technical support requests. The instructional methodology for this course includes a combination of lecture, case studies, and audience participation and discussion. The target audience for this course is all RPMs and other cleanup program staff.

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