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The objectives of this task are to:

Assess new remote sensing technology for applicability to landscape characterization; Integrate multiple sensor systems data for improved landscape characterization;

Coordinate future technological needs with other agencies' sensor development programs;

Apply existing remote sensing systems to varied landscape characterization needs; and

Conduct remote sensing applications research for habitat suitability, water resources, and terrestrial condition indicators.


Remote sensing technologies applications research supports the ORD Landscape Sciences Program (LSP) in two separate areas: operational remote sensing, and remote sensing research and development. Operational remote sensing is provided to the LSP through the use of current and tested remote sensing systems and methods for meeting LSP needs. This includes the use of high resolution airborne and lower resolution space-borne imaging systems for landscape characterization and mapping, and for supporting habitat suitability, water resources, and terrestrial condition studies.

Applications R&D evaluates and applies a variety of existing and new airborne and space-borne remote sensors to ORD Landscape Sciences Program needs, for example, the use of high resolution aerial photographic and classified NTM (National Technical Means) data for performing accuracy assessments on landscape information obtained from lower resolution systems; or integrating data from multiple sensor systems, e.g., radar and multispectral data, to obtain new information on landscapes (e.g., forest types, wetlands, and agriculture) unavailable from single sensor applications. Applications R&D also includes project conceptualization, through participation on the Landscape Sciences team, of landscape characterization and landscape ecology issues or problems and implementing remote sensing R&D to address and resolve these issues.

Record Details:

Record Type:PROJECT
Start Date:10/01/1999
Projected Completion Date:09/01/2010
OMB Category:Other
Record ID: 15997