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The Facility Registry System (FRS) is a centrally managed database that identifies facilities, sites or places subject to environmental regulations or of environmental interest. FRS creates high-quality, accurate, and authoritative facility identification records through rigorous verification and management procedures that incorporate information from program national systems, state master facility records, data collected from EPA's Central Data Exchange registrations and data management personnel. The FRS provides Internet access to a single integrated source of comprehensive (air, water, and waste) environmental information about facilities, sites or places. The FRS responds to the increasing demand for access to high quality information and the public need for one source of comprehensive environmental information about a given place on the earth. FRS achieves that integration. In addition, the FRS is integrated with the Locational Data Improvement Project and the Error Correction Process. FRS fully implements EPA's Facility Identification Data Standard, and is compliant with the Facility Identification Template for States (FITS) Model. (from The Region 2 Regulated Facility GIS layer consists of Facility Registry System (FRS), Facility Site records for facilities regulated under the 6 major EPA Program Systems and located in the geography of Region 2. Each record in this GIS layer represents one or more unique Program System permit records as found in the Envirofacts copy of AIRS/AFS, PCS, CERCLIS, RCRAInfo, SDWIS and TRIS. This translates to one unique facility location with attributes consisting of identifying information, (FRS name, FRS address, FRS ID and locational information (latitude, longitude, and locational metadata). The locational data source for this and all R2 Regulated FACILITY and R2 Regulated PERMIT Layers is the Locational Reference Tables (LRT) database of Envirofacts. These LRT records of Envirofacts are augmented by R2 Locational Data Improvement records that may not yet have been cycled into the LRT. The name and address information for all Region 2 GIS FACILITY layers is from the authoritative facility site identification records of the Facility Registry System . The name and address information for all Region 2 GIS PERMIT layers is from the relevant PROGRAM SYSTEM identification records as found in Envirofacts.




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