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BURDEN, D. S. GROUND WATER TECHNICAL SUPPORT CENTER. Presented at EPA National Association of Remedial Project Managers, Phoenix, AZ, June 23 - 27, 2005.


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EPA's Office of Research and Development operates a Ground Water Technical Support Center (GWTSC). The Center provides support on issues regarding subsurface contamination, contaminant fluxes to other media (e.g., surface water or air), and ecosystem restoration. The GWTSC creates critical links between research and real-world problems, providing a testing ground for research and allowing scientists to focus on high priority problems. The GWTSC works in conjunction with support centers located in other Laboratories and Divisions within the Office of Research and Development as part of the U.S. EPA Technical Support Project. Activities in which the GWTSC is engaged include: Quick-response technical assistance to Remedial Project Managers and other decision makers on site-specific problems at Superfund, RCRA, Brownfields, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO), and ecosystem restoration sites. Consultation and performance of treatability studies focused on the natural and enhanced remediation of subsurface contaminants. Support for models and model reviews for site-specific applications. Workshops, seminars, and conferences on state-of-the-science issues. Specialized training courses. Development of Superfund, RCRA, and Brownfields Issue Papers, Briefing Documents, and Summary Papers. Dissemination of publications and technology-focused information packets.

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