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The database was developed under the following guidelines:

-Develop a system having cross-program and -project utility

-Document the quality of all data populating the system

-Ensure that the resulting data base has long-term value

-Avoid duplicating effort with other data systems


The Great Lakes Environmental Database System(GLENDA) was developed to provide data entry, storage, access and analysis capabilities to meet the needs of mass balance modelers and other potential users of Great Lakes data. Development of GLENDA began in 1993 with a logical model based on the modernized STORET concept and requirements analysis. This was followed in 1994-1995 with the development of field and laboratory reporting requirements, preliminary reference tables, and the initial creation of the physical tables. Recent years have seen the completion of the physical database and most reference tables, the creation of software tools to access the database, and the creation and use of upload routines to load Lake Michigan Mass Balance data. Most recently, GLENDA was revised to allow batch upload of base monitoring program (nutrients) data.

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