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A computational framework for supporting environmental-climate-energy decision-making


Loughlin, Dan, Chris Nolte, W. Shi, Y. Ou, S. Smith, AND C. Ledna. A computational framework for supporting environmental-climate-energy decision-making. To be Presented at EPA Research in China, RTP, NC, July 28, 2016.


A group of Chinese visitors will be on the EPA RTP campus July 28, 9-noon. The visitors are from the PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corporation (weblink is here: and are in US for a training program at Duke. The group is interested in broad management topics such as international business development and managing environmental projects as well as interacting with practitioners to understand “real world” case studies and issues. Their background is primarily related to hydro power but their corporate mission is “Providing engineering services and promoting harmonious development between Man and Nature,” implying a broad interest in the environment. Several researchers with projects with connections to China have been asked to provide an overview of their research to the visitors. I will be talking about the GLIMPSE air-climate-energy decision support project.


GLIMPSE is a effort in which the U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development is developing tools to support long-term, coordinated environmental, climate, and energy planning. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the underlying science questions; provide an overview of current and future GLIMPSE capabilities; introduce GCAM, the computational engine behind GLIMPSE; and, highlight relevant activities in China, including the ABaCAS framework and GCAM-China.


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