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Autrey, B C. AND J SchubauerBerigan. HABITAT ASSESSMENT METHODS. Chapter 2, Flotemersch, J.E., Autrey, B.C., and Cormier, S.M. (ed.), Comparisons of Boating and Wading Methods used to Assess the Status of Flowing Waters EPA/600/R-00/018. USEPA, Cincinnati, OH, , 12-29.


This chapter summarizes and evaluated the habitat assessment protocols of five agencies, USEPA/EMAP/SW, USGS/NAWQA, USEPA/RBP, Ohio EPA, and MDNR/MBSS. It begins with a description of the origin of the habitat indices most widely used by these agencies. Then the habitat assessment methods of each agency are summarized. Finally, the methods are compared and contrasted. The USGS/NAWQA and MDNR/MBSS sections differ from the other agencies' section because USGS/NAWQA and MBSS do not compute an index value from the recorded metrics. Instead, many metrics are used to determine whether relationships exist among the habitat variables or if any relationships exist between habitat variables and dependent variables such as fish, invertebrate, or periphyton assemblages. These relationships are then examined to determine what they indicate about stream quality.

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Product Published Date: 04/01/2001
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