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George*, E L. ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR GOVERNMENT. Presented at AWMA 94th Annual Conference and Exhibition - 2001, Orlando, FL, 6/24-29/2001.


This presentation provides an overview of the document, ISO 14001 - A Tool for Supporting Government Environmental Programs and Policies, recently published by USEPA/s Office of Research and Development. It is an informational document, explaining the backjground and development of the ISO 14000 and standards and the ISO 14001 Envornmental Management system; providing a model; discussing the elements of environmental policy, planning, implementation and operation; checking and corrective action; management review; and ISO 14001 implementation and certification. It explores government environmental management related policies and programs, from President Clinton's Executive Orders 13856 and 13148, EPA's Code of Environmental Management Principles, the Department of Energy';s and the Department of Defense's and other government departments and agencies Environmental Management Policies, to compliance, voluntary action programs, prevention of pollution, product and process design and research and development. It also includes pollution prevention, DfE (Design for the Environment), Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs), environmental justice, compliance enforcement, voluntary consensus standards, government procurement policy and sustainability. The final section of the document discusses Federal, State and local government ISO 14001 pilot studies. This document provides an understanding of the ISO 14000 Standards process and the approach that various areas of government are taking toward better environmental management.

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Product Published Date: 06/24/2001
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