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EPA PFAS Air Emission Measurements: Activities and Research


Ryan, J. EPA PFAS Air Emission Measurements: Activities and Research . Presented at EPA Region 9 Laboratory Technical Information Group Meeting, San Francisco,CA, June 04 - 06, 2019.


The ability to measure PFAS air emissions is a rapidly emerging need, largely driven by several states and their need to address local and regional PFAS emission issues. As a result, states are reaching out to regions, program offices, and ultimately ORD for support. To support the states, regions and program offices, ORD is providing emissions measurement guidance and expertise as well as initiating research to develop and evaluate methods for measuring PFAS from industrial sources. This presentation will cover ORD air emissions measurement methods development activities and research and falls under EPA ORD’s PFAS research program as well as the ORD Air and Energy research program – EM1 - Methods for Measurement to Inform Policy Decisions.


Air emissions of PFAS from industrial sources is now recognized as a significant route for PFAS releases to the environment and is evidenced by deposition as well as their presence in rainwater. States and Regions are among the first to investigate industrial emissions issues and have directed some of the first emissions testing efforts. ORD has been asked provide guidance to these testing efforts and begin research to develop and evaluate formal methods that can be used to conduct comprehensive emissions testing and characterization. Ultimately, these methods are needed to support the states and regions as well as inform regulatory offices.

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