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Ultrafine Particle Metrics and Research Considerations: Review of the 2015 UFP Workshop


Baldauf, R. Ultrafine Particle Metrics and Research Considerations: Review of the 2015 UFP Workshop. In Proceedings, EPA Workshop - State of Science on Effect of Ultrafine Particles, RTP, NC, February 04, 2015. MPS Multimedia Print Service, Domodossola, Italy, 1054, (2016).


Journal article for the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health special issue on Ultrafine Particles. The editors requested we submit the conference summary to introduce the special issue


In February 2015, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsored a workshop in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA to review the current state of the science on emissions, air quality impacts, and health effects associated with exposures to ultrafine particles (EPA, 2015). The workshop provided scientific presentations on the sources and trends of ultrafine particles (UFP) emissions and air quality concentrations, evidence of health effects associated with UFP exposure, metrics and indicators of UFP emissions, UFP measurement methods, control strategies, and policy considerations. This workshop brought together experts from around the world to share information and discuss future next steps on UFP research and policy. The following sections provide a summary of the presentations and discussions during this workshop, specifically highlighting the observations offered by individual speakers, summaries of the panel discussions, and potential opportunities to continue dialogue and enhance coordination and collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines.

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