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An Update on Modifications to Water Treatment Plant Model


Yang, J. An Update on Modifications to Water Treatment Plant Model. WQTC 2017, Portland, Oregon, November 12 - 16, 2017.


Present to the technical community the research and progress on water treatment plant model in support of the EPA's SDWA Stage II regulations


Water treatment plant (WTP) model is an EPA tool for informing regulatory options. WTP has a few versions: 1). WTP2.2 can help in regulatory analysis. An updated version (WTP3.0) will allow plant-specific analysis (WTP-ccam) and thus help meet plant-specific treatment objectives. 2) WTP3.0 will have three distinct features: a) mechanistic model of Cl and TOC/DBP for conventional and GAC treatment; b) Monte Carlo engine for source water variability; and c) cost probability to meet given treatment objectives. And finally, WTP3.0 will have a GUI to run either updated WTP2.2 or WTP-ccam. WTP3.0 development is ongoing with a focus on WTP-ccam enhancement using real plant data from case studies in the U.S. and China.

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