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Modeling the Hydrologic Processes of a Permeable Pavement System


Lee, J., M. Borst, R. Brown, L. Rossman, AND M. Simon. Modeling the Hydrologic Processes of a Permeable Pavement System. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering . American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, VA, 20(5):04014070, (2015).


This paper presents unit process model for a permeable pavement system; impacts of clogging on infiltration and exfiltration; and modeling vertical and horizontal exfiltration.


A permeable pavement system can capture stormwater to reduce runoff volume and flow rate, improve onsite groundwater recharge, and enhance pollutant controls within the site. A new unit process model for evaluating the hydrologic performance of a permeable pavement system has been developed in this study. The developed model can continuously simulate infiltration through the permeable pavement surface, exfiltration from the storage to the surrounding in situ soils, and clogging impacts on infiltration/exfiltration capacity at the pavement surface and the bottom of the subsurface storage unit. The exfiltration modeling component simulates vertical and horizontal exfiltration independently based on Darcy’s formula with the Green-Ampt approximation. The developed model can be arranged with physically-based modeling parameters, such as hydraulic conductivity, Manning’s friction flow parameters, saturated and field capacity volumetric water contents, porosity, density, etc. The developed model was calibrated using high-frequency observed data. The modeled water depths are well matched with the observed values (R2 = 0.90). The modeling results show that horizontal exfiltration through the side walls of the subsurface storage unit is a prevailing factor in determining the hydrologic performance of the system, especially where the storage unit is developed in a long, narrow shape; or with a high risk of bottom compaction and clogging.

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