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Air Pollutant Emissions from Oil and Gas Production pads (Investigating Low Cost Passive Samplers)


Thoma, E. AND A. Eisele. Air Pollutant Emissions from Oil and Gas Production pads (Investigating Low Cost Passive Samplers). US Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, OH, 2103.


Fact Sheet for porposed project in R8 to help in communications.


To help achieve the goal of sustainable, environmentally responsible development of oil and gas resources, it isnecessary to understand the potential for air pollutant emissions from various extraction and production (E&P)processes at the upstream, wellpad level. Upstream oil and gas wellpad operations (other than the production wellsthemselves) typically include product separation equipment, condensate and produced water storage tanks, pollutioncontrol devices, etc. as part of the upstream E&P processes. Knowledge of air pollutant emissions from thesespatially dispersed operations is limited, given variable levels of emissions over time and by process condition, andare challenging to measure. This project, conducted by EPA’s Offi ce of Research and Development and EPA Region 8in collaboration with the oil and gas industry, aims to develop and test new low cost measurement methods to helpimprove understanding of air pollutant emissions from oil and gas wellpad operations.


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