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Municipal Solid Waste - Sustainable Materials Management


Thorneloe, S. Municipal Solid Waste - Sustainable Materials Management. National Conference of State Legislatures, Durham, NC, September 13, 2013.


To provide update to stakeholder group on the launch of the MSW-DST to the National Conference of State Legislatures ( in a webinar on energy from waste


The MSW DST was initially developed in the 1990s and has evolved over the years to better account for changes in waste management practices, waste composition, and improvements in decision support tool design and functionality. The most recent version of the tool is publicly available ( and has an improved interface with embedded tutorials to guide the user. The tool incorporates an optimization routine to identify least cost or least life-cycle emissions strategies. The MSW DST has up to eight sectors that can be used to represent urban, rural, suburban, and commercial sectors accounting for differences in waste composition and quantity, facility design and operation, transportation fuels and distances, population densities and other factors can be specified to account for variations among sectors helping to support SMM.

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