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Demystifying Controlling Copper Corrosion


Schock, M. Demystifying Controlling Copper Corrosion. Presented at New Engand Water Works Association Annual Conference, Rockport, ME, September 21 - 24, 2014.


There are many misunderstandings of copper corrosion in drinking water, so this presentation is designed for the education of operators,utility managers, state regulators and consultants in New England, to help them comply with the Lead and Copper Rule, and also improve public health and better meet Clean Water Act discharge and biosolids limits.


The LCR systematically misses the highest health and corrosion risk sites for copper. Additionally, there are growing concerns for WWTP copper in sludges and discharge levels. There are many corrosion control differences between copper and lead. This talk explains the sometimes counter-intuitive impacts of pH, alkalinity, oxidants, chloride, sulfate, NOM and orthophosphate on copper release and the poorly-understood "aging" phenomenon, which can be either helpful or detrimental. Some related water quality impacts on pitting and pinhole leaks will be covered.

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