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German experience in managing stormwater with green infrastructure


Nickel, D., W. Schoenfelder, D. Medearis, D. Dolowitz, M. Keeley, AND W. Shuster. German experience in managing stormwater with green infrastructure. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, London, Uk, 57(3):403-423, (2013).


The purpose of this paper is to better understand a basis and opportunities for transnational exchange of experience in the area of green infrastructure integration into wastewater and water resources policy, among Germany and the US


This paper identifies and describes experience with ‘green’ stormwater management practices in Germany. It provides the context in which developments took place and extracts lessons learned to inform efforts of other countries in confronting urban stormwater challenges. Our findings show that an integrated environmental planning approach helps to balance environmental and urban development. Further, the transformation to a mixed grey and green infrastructure necessitates both a quantifiable long-term goal and a suite of policies to incentivise green infrastructure and support implementation. Finally, public authorities must assume leadership while enabling the participation of stakeholder groups in the transformation process.

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