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Estimating autotrophic respiration in streams using daily metabolism data


Hall Jr, R. AND J. Beaulieu. Estimating autotrophic respiration in streams using daily metabolism data. Freshwater Science. The Society for Freshwater Science, Springfield, IL, 32(2):507-516, (2013).


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Knowing the fraction of gross primary production (GPP) that is immediately respired by autotrophs and their closely associated heterotrophs (ARf) is necessary to understand the trophic base and carbon spiraling in streams. We show a means to estimate ARf from daily metabolism data using quantile regression between GPP and 90% quantile of ecosystem respiration (ER). Simulation modeling showed that constrained estimates of ARf required large variation in daily GPP. Using previously published estimates of daily metabolism form streams, ARf averaged 0.44 (sd=0.19), with high variation among streams. It is unknown how much of ARf was from algal respiration itself versus closely associated heterotrophic respiration; however, we suggest the fraction (1- ARf)GPP represents the amount of carbon available for higher trophic levels.

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Product Published Date: 02/19/2014
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