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Biocatalyst Enhancement


GLASER, J. A. Biocatalyst Enhancement. CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 11(2):147-151, (2009).


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The increasing availability of enzyme collections has assisted attempts by pharmaceutical producers to adopt green chemistry approaches to manufacturing. A joint effort between an enzyme producer and a pharmaceutical manufacturer has been enhanced over the past three years by enabling process chemists to screen and optimize candidate enzymes from a panel of enzymes of a specific class. Enzyme chemistries tested is this enterprise included ene reductases, ketoreductases, transaminases, acylases, and halohydrin dehalogenases. Typical applications could involve the enantioselective reduction of ketones to chiral alcohols. The enzymes selected for the collections are easy to manufacture at large scale and exhibit robust activity across process conditions such as solvent concentration, pH, and temperature. The close collaboration between parties has assisted the enzyme selection, process optimization and conversion. With the success of the collaboration, the process chemists are enabled and are more open to the potential of enzyme mediated conversion processes.


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