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Fenton-like initiation of a toluene transformation mechanism


HULING, S. G., S. Hwang, D. Fine, AND S. Ko. Fenton-like initiation of a toluene transformation mechanism. WATER RESEARCH. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 45(16):5334-5342, (2011).


to observe reaction intermediates and their overall roles in a treatment process.


In Fenton-driven oxidation treatment systems, reaction intermediates derived from parent compounds can play a significant role in the overall treatment process. Fenton-like reactions in the presence of toluene or benzene, involved a transformation mechanism that was highly efficient relative to the conventional Fenton-driven mechanism. A delay in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) reaction occurred until the complete or near-complete transformation of toluene or benzene and involved the simultaneous reaction of dissolved oxygen. This highly efficient transformation mechanism is initiated by Fenton-like reactions, and therefore dependent on conventional Fenton-like parameters. Results indicated that several potential parameters and mechanisms did not play a significant role in the transformation mechanism including electron shuttles, Fe chelates, high valent oxo-iron complexes, anionic interferences in H2O2 reaction, and H2O2 formation. The Fenton-like initiation, formation, and propagation of a reaction intermediate species capable of transforming toluene, while simultaneously inhibiting H2O2 reaction is the most viable mechanism.


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