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Hydrogeologic Case Studies (Seattle, WA)


ACREE, S. D. Hydrogeologic Case Studies (Seattle, WA). Presented at U.S. EPA Workshop on Monitored Natural Attenuation For Inorganic Contaminants, Seattle, WA, November 06, 2008.


Evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA)


Hydrogeology is the foundation of subsurface site characterization for evaluations of monitored natural attenuation (MNA). Three case studies are presented. Examples of the potentially detrimental effects of drilling additives on ground-water samples from monitoring wells are discussed based on experience at a USDOE national laboratory. Next, the impacts of heterogeneity on monitoring well design are illustrated with examples from two sites. Finally, the value of characterizing the interaction of ground-water with surface water is discussed and illustrated with examples derived from experience at the Hanford Reservation.

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Product Published Date: 11/06/2008
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