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EPA Research Highlights: EPA Studies Aging Water Infrastructure


MURRAY, D. J. EPA Research Highlights: EPA Studies Aging Water Infrastructure. EM: AIR AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION'S MAGAZINE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGERS. Air & Waste Management Association, Pittsburgh, PA, (October):28-29, (2008).


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The nation's extensive water infrastructure has the capacity to treat, store, and transport trillions of gallons of water and wastewater per day through millions of miles of pipelines. However, some infrastructure components are more than 100 years old, and as the infrastructure deteriorates, there are increasing concerns about the ability of this infrastructure to keep up with future needs. As part of an effort to address these concerns, EPA initiated a new water infrastructure research program. The aging water infrastructure (AWI) program, managed by the National Risk Management Research Laboratory, will focus on providing the scientific and engineering tools to more efficiently assess and rehabilitate existing systems and provide new, more cost effective infrastructure options.


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