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Engineering issue: Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Approaches


Science Applications International Corporation. Engineering issue: Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Approaches. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-08/115, 2008.


public report on radon vapor mitigation


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Engineering Issues are a new series of technology transfer documents that summarize the latest available information on selected treatment and site remeediation technologies and related issues. They are designed to help remedial project managers (RPMs), on-scene coordinators (OSes), contractors, and other site managers understand the type of data and site characteristics needed to evaluate a technology for potential appplicability to their specific sites. Each Engineering Issue document is developed in conjunction with a small group of scientists inside the EPA and with outside consultants and relies on peer-reviewed literaature, EPA reports, Web sources, current research, and other pertinent information. The purpose of this document is to present the "state of the science" regarding management and treatment of vapor intrusion into building structures. Wherever feasible, this information relies on independently reviewed mitigation performance information. In an effort to keep this Engiineering Issue paper concise, important information is summarized, while references and Web links are provided for readers interested in additional information; these Web links, verified as accurate at the time of publication, are subject to change. As science and technollogy associated with this route of exposure continues to develop, other mitigation measures may become available.

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