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Threat Ensemble Vulnerability Assessment - Sensor Placement Optimization Tool (TEVA-SPOT) Graphical User Interface


U.S. EPA. Threat Ensemble Vulnerability Assessment - Sensor Placement Optimization Tool (TEVA-SPOT) Graphical User Interface. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-13/014, 2013.


TEVA-SPOT is used by water utilities to optimize the number and location of contamination detection sensors so that economic and/or public health consequences are minimized. TEVA-SPOT is interactive, allowing a user to specify the minimization objective (e.g., the number of people exposed, the time to detection, or the extent of pipe length contaminated). It also allows a user to specify constraints. For example, a TEVA-SPOT user can employ expert knowledge during the design process by identifying either existing or unfeasible sensor locations. Installation and maintenance costs for sensor placement can also be factored into the analysis. Python and Java are required to run TEVA-SPOT


Please find below 4 links for downloading, installing and using the TEVA-SPOT graphical user interface (GUI) software. For the complete TEVA-SPOT-GUI software package, please download the ZIP file. A description of each of the 4 links, including the contents of the ZIP file, is provided below. If you only want the TEVA-SPOT-GUI User’s Manual, please use the link for just the manual. Finally, python and java are required prerequisites for installing and using TEVA-SPOT-GUI. • TEVA-SPOT-GUI_UPDATE_JANUARY_2018.ZIP – This TEVA-SPOT-GUI software ZIP package contains: o TEVA-SPOT-GUI software (file name “TEVA-SPOTInstaller-2.3.2-MSXb-20170110-DEV.exe”); o TEVA-SPOT-GUI User’s Manual (file name “TEVA-SPOT-GUI_V2.3.1_Sept_2017_REV3_FINAL.PDF”); o Two supporting user documents (file names “Design_Document_Inhalation_TEVA-SPOT.PDF” and “NEW APPLICATION TEVA-SPOT_SECURITY_ENHANCE_CRITICAL_FACILITY.PDF”) to help understand and use TEVA-SPOT-GUI; o Example EPANET test network (file name “TestNet3.inp”) and example population text file for this example EPANET network (file name “TestNet3_Example_Population_File.txt”); and o Voluntary user agreement form for using TEVA-SPOT-GUI (file name “TEVA-SPOT_User_Agreement_Form_Rev2.doc”) • TEVA-SPOT-GUI User’s Manual ONLY – TEVA-SPOT-GUI User’s Manual (file name “TEVA-SPOT-GUI_V2.3.1_Sept_2017_REV3_FINAL.PDF”) • Link to required python installation software “EXIT” • Link to required java installation software “EXIT”

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