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EPA's Incident Waste Management Planning and Response Tool (I-WASTE)


U.S. EPA. EPA's Incident Waste Management Planning and Response Tool (I-WASTE). US EPA Office of Research and Development, Washington, DC, EPA/600/S-17/184, 2017.


Managing large volumes of waste generated by natural disasters; chemical spills; biological, chemical or radiological terrorism; or animal disease outbreaks present unique challenges. Efficient management of these potentially contaminated materials is critical for protecting and restoring communities and the environment. Characterization of contamination in waste and access to reliable information on treatment and disposal can reduce cleanup costs and shorten restoration timelines. The EPA’s Incident Waste Management Planning & Response Tool (I-WASTE), a decision support tool, has been developed based on EPA-funded research with input from a variety of stakeholders across federal agencies, state/local authorities, and the private sector. I-WASTE provides information on types and quantities of waste materials and contaminants generated during an incident; contact information and locations for potential treatment/disposal facilities; and health and safety information to ensure public and worker safety during the removal, transport, treatment, and disposal of contaminated waste and debris.


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Product Published Date: 07/11/2017
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