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Rapid Radiochemical Method Curium-244 (244Cm) in Water Samples


Buckley, J. AND K. Hall. Rapid Radiochemical Method Curium-244 (244Cm) in Water Samples. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/S-17/056, 2017.


After radiological/nuclear contamination incident, radioanalytical laboratories will need to quickly change from routine sampling and analysis operations to incident operations requiring quicker turn-around times, additional laboratory capacity, and handling samples with elevated levels of radioactive contamination. To address laboratory capacity, rapid methods have been developed for use by federal, state, local, and commercial radioanalytical laboratories in support of the Environmental Response Laboratory Network. This one page fact sheet has been developed to assist radioanalytical laboratory personnel in changing from routine to incident activities. It provides summary information from the rapid method for analysis of Curium-1244 in water including method application, processing time, quality objectives, necessary equipment and supplies, and waste information with a link to the rapid method. Quickly changing analysis activities will allow the laboratory to provide quality data to the response officials such as incident commanders and field response personnel facilitating a quicker return of a community to its citizens.


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Rapid Radiochemical Method Curium-244 (244Cm) in Water Samples   (PDF,1 pp, 104 KB,  about PDF)

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