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Water Security Toolkit User Manual: Version 1.3


U.S. EPA. Water Security Toolkit User Manual: Version 1.3. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-14/338, 2014.


An abundant supply of safe, high-quality drinking water is critical to modern industrialized societies. At home, water is used for drinking, cooking, washing clothes and bathing. At work, water is used to operate restaurants, hospitals and manufacturing plants. Consequently, contamination of drinking water infrastructure could severely impact the public health and economic vitality of a community. The distributed physical layout of drinking water systems makes them inherently vulnerable to a variety of incidents, such as terrorist attacks, accidents and even natural disasters. The physical destruction of water infrastructure can disrupt water service to communities; specifically key facilities such as hospitals, power stations and military installations. Similarly, contamination with deadly agents could result in large numbers of illnesses and fatalities. The Water Security Toolkit (WST) is a suite of tools that help provide the information necessary to make good decisions resulting in the minimization of further human exposure to contaminants, and the maximization of the effectiveness of intervention strategies. WST assists in the evaluation of multiple response actions in order to select the most beneficial consequence management strategy. It includes hydraulic and water quality modeling software and optimization methodologies to identify: (1) sensor locations to detect contamination, (2) locations in the network in which the contamination was introduced, (3) hydrants to remove contaminated water from the distribution system, (4) locations in the network to inject decontamination agents to inactivate, remove or destroy contaminants, (5) locations in the network to take grab sample to confirm contamination or cleanup and (6) valves to close in order to isolate contaminated areas of the network. This user manual describes the different components of WST.


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