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Sustainability Tools Inventory Initial Gap Analysis


Brookes, A., D. Eskew, L. Wainger, D. Catanzaro, A. Britt, M. Westin, S. Whayland, S. Bartell, AND K. Weitz. Sustainability Tools Inventory Initial Gap Analysis. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-17/169, 2017.


This document provides an initial gap analysis in the area of community sustainability decision support tools. It provides a reference to communities for existing decision support tools, and a set of gaps for those wishing to develop additional needed tools to help communities to achieve sustainability. It contributes to SHC 1.61.4


This report identifies a suite of tools that address a comprehensive set of community sustainability concerns. The objective is to discover whether "gaps" exist in the tool suite’s analytic capabilities. These tools address activities that significantly influence resource consumption, waste generation, and hazard generation including air pollution and greenhouse gases. In addition, the tools have been evaluated using four screening criteria: relevance to community decision making, tools in an appropriate developmental stage, tools that may be transferrable to situations useful for communities, and tools with requiring skill levels appropriate to communities.

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Product Published Date: 04/01/2017
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