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Collaborative research among academia, business, and government


Chapman, P., R. Brain, J. Belden, V. Forbes, C. Mebane, R. Hoke, G. Ankley, AND K. Solomon. Collaborative research among academia, business, and government. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. Allen Press, Inc., Lawrence, KS, 14(1):152-154, (2018).


The purpose of this short article was to provide a number of pragmatic examples where cross-sector (business, government, academia) collaboration successfully addressed difficult challenges in the area of environmental toxicology and chemistry. The hope was that, through providing these examples, the reader would (1) better appreciate the potential for collaborative approaches in regulatory science, and (2) realize that the practical nature of these types of collaborations can be very diverse.


SETAC is a tripartite organization comprised chiefly of three sectors: academia, government, and industry. Collaborative connections within and among these sectors provide the basis for scientific structural integrity. Such interactions generally foster scientific integrity, transparency, and environmental relevance through balancing perspectives. However, collaborative research among academia, industry, and government is not without challenges. For example, one factor that undermines tripartite collaboration is perception of bias. The purpose of this Learned Discourse is to provide a forum for opinion among the tripartite sectors from those who have extensively engaged in these types of interactions.

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