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EPA Scientific Knowledge Management Assessment and Needs


Ziegler, R., A. Brookes, K. Burch, A. Vega, A. Yuen, Gerry Laniak, E. McMahon, P. Harten, B. Subramanian, AND W. Blake-Coleman. EPA Scientific Knowledge Management Assessment and Needs. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-16/259, 2016.


The EPA has been lagging in digital maturity relative to the private sector and even other government agencies. This report helps begin the process of improving the agency’s use of digital technologies, especially in the areas of efficiency and transparency. This report contributes to SHC 1.61.2.


A series of activities have been conducted by a core group of EPA scientists from across the Agency. The activities were initiated in 2012 and the focus was to increase the reuse and interoperability of science software at EPA. The need for increased reuse and interoperability is linked to the increased complexity of environmental assessments in the 21st century. This complexity is manifest in the form of problems that require integrated multi-disciplinary solutions. To enable the means to develop these solutions (i.e., science software systems) it is necessary to integrate software developed by disparate groups representing a variety of science domains. Thus, reuse and interoperability becomes imperative. This report briefly describes the chronology of activities conducted by the group of scientists to provide context for the primary purpose of this report, that is, to describe the proceedings and outcomes of the latest activity, a workshop entitled “Workshop on Advancing US EPA integration of environmental and information sciences”.


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