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The die is cast - Arsenic exposure in early life and disease susceptibility


Thomas, D. The die is cast - Arsenic exposure in early life and disease susceptibility. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 26(12):1778-81, (2013).


This perspective aims to summarize recent findings relevant to understanding the significance of exposure to arsenic in early life. This information is of particular value to those engaged in risk identification and risk assessment. It also supports the development of new research strategies to evaluate dose-response relations and modes of actions of arsenic as a toxicant and carcinogen in devloping organisms.


Abstract Early life exposure to arsenic in humans and mice produces similar patterns of disease in later life. Given the long interval between exposure and effect, epigenetic effects of early life exposure to arsenic may account for development and progression of disease in both species. Mode of action and dosimetric studies in the mouse may help assess the role of age at exposure as a factor in susceptibility to the toxic and carcinogenic effects of arsenic in humans.

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