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Hollister, Jeff. lakemorpho. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, 2013.


The purpose of lakemorpho is to provide a suite of tools that can be used to calculate basic lake morphometry metrics from an input SpatialPolygonsDataframe of a lake and a digital elevation model, as a RasterLayer, for the terrain surrounding that lake. These tools are being used to calculate lake morphometry metrics for all "lakepond" waterbodies in the NHDPlus V2.


Lakemorpho provides a number of functions to calculate a standard suite of lake morphometry metrics. Most of the metrics are measurements of the shape of the lake. Metrics that rely on depth have traditionally been calculated with bathymetry data. In the absence of bathymetry data it is possible to estimate maximum depth from surrounding topography. Lakemorpho uses this approach to also estimate maximum depth, mean depth, and volume.

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Product Published Date: 12/19/2013
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