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Toxicologic Pathology: The Basic Building Block of Risk Assessment


WOLF, D. Toxicologic Pathology: The Basic Building Block of Risk Assessment. Presented at Latin American Society of Toxicologic Pathology, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL, March 18 - 21, 2010.


As risk assessments are reevaluated and updated on commodity chemicals, frequently the older literature and previous studies must be re-evaluated. Understanding how to evaluate terminology and diagnoses in light of current standards, diagnostic drift, and changed interpretation is important for determining relevance for health risk. All of these features are important for the appropriate interpretation of data in support of human health risk assessment.


Human health risk assessment is a critical factor in many risk management decisions. Evaluation of human health risk requires research the provides information that appropriately characterizes potential hazards from exposure. Pathology endpoints are the central response around which human health risk assessment is typically determined.


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