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Biomarkers: New breakthroughs in the world of air pollution studies


MADDEN, M. C. AND S. W. EDWARDS. Biomarkers: New breakthroughs in the world of air pollution studies. Presented at Society of Toxicology Annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 15 - 19, 2009.


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This session aims are to show the use of biomarkers in better understanding health effects derived from air pollution and to provide updates on the utility of new biomarker techniques including “omics”-type of analyses. Presentations that focus on improved use of biomarkers of exposure, effects, and susceptibility are included in this session. These talks included use of select urinary PAHs to reflect exposure to petroleum-derived emissions that show similar body burdens across occupational and controlled exposure studies (Sobus), use of suspectibility factors such as obesity and employment status to demonstrate increase biological responses (eg, heart rate variability) and health effects (eg, mortality) (Christiani, Dominici), and use of genomics to improve the understanding of the likelihood of the development of asthma (Gallagher or Edwards) as well as proteomics to identify unique exposure biomarkers and potentially the cell types producing the markers (Pounds). [This is an abstract of a proposed presentation and may not reflect US EPA policy.]

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