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Characterization and Prediction of Chemical Functions and Weight Fractions in Consumer Products


Isaacs, K., M. Goldsmith, P. Egeghy, K. Phillips, R. Brooks, T. Hong, AND J. Wambaugh. Characterization and Prediction of Chemical Functions and Weight Fractions in Consumer Products. Toxicology Reports. Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3:723-732, (2016).


Highlights • Functional role of thousands of chemicals is analyzed. • These data are combined with chemical weight fractions in personal care products. • Empirical compositions for products are developed based on function. • Classifier models for function and weight fraction are built. • These methods can fill data gaps for consumer product exposure models.


Assessing exposures from the thousands of chemicals in commerce requires quantitative information on the chemical constituents of consumer products. Unfortunately, gaps in available composition data prevent assessment of exposure to chemicals in many products. Here we propose filling these gaps via consideration of chemical functional role. We obtained function information for thousands of chemicals from public sources and used a clustering algorithm to assign chemicals into 35 harmonized function categories (e.g., plasticizers, antimicrobials, solvents). We combined these functions with weight fraction data for 4115 personal care products (PCPs) to characterize the composition of 66 different product categories (e.g., shampoos). We analyzed the combined weight fraction/function dataset using machine learning techniques to develop quantitative structure property relationship (QSPR) classifier models for 22 functions and for weight fraction, based on chemical-specific descriptors (including chemical properties). We applied these classifier models to a library of 10196 data-poor chemicals. Our predictions of chemical function and composition will inform exposure-based screening of chemicals in PCPs for combination with hazard data in risk-based evaluation frameworks. As new information becomes available, this approach can be applied to other classes of products and the chemicals they contain in order to provide essential consumer product data for use in exposure-based chemical prioritization.

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Product Published Date: 12/01/2016
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