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Flotemersch, J E., B C. Autrey, AND S M. Cormier. LOGISTICS OF ECOLOGICAL SAMPLING ON LARGE RIVERS. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-00/109 (NTIS PB2001-102900), 2001.


The goal of this research is to develop methods and indicators that are useful for evaluating the condition of aquatic communities, for assessing the restoration of aquatic communities in response to mitigation and best management practices, and for determining the exposure of aquatic communities to different classes of stressors (i.e., pesticides, sedimentation, habitat alteration).


The objectives of this document are to provide an overview of the logistical problems associated with the ecological sampling of boatable rivers and to suggest solutions to those problems. It is intended to be used as a resource for individuals preparing to collect biological data from large rivers. Its greatest benefit to project planners will be the knowledge and awareness necessary to provide a greater level of safety to the crew members who will be collecting ecological data on large rivers. A large river can be a hazardous work environment, but can be made relatively safe with adequate training and preparation. In addition to the safety benefit, this document will provide the means needed to ensure the accurate and complete collection of data. The execution of preparatory steps outlined in this document will minimize the collection of inaccurate or incomplete data, thereby decreasing wasted time and money. A third benefit that can be derived from this document is the more efficient collection of data in the field. There are many aspects of conducting ecological research on large rivers which can cause delayed or inefficient data collection. A well-designed study with adequate preparation, including thorough training of field crews, will minimize problems and maximize efficiency, which will increase the likelihood of successful field endeavors.


Logistics of Ecological Sampling on Large Rivers   (PDF,NA pp, 1491 KB,  about PDF)

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