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Meta-Analysis of Chemical and Non-Chemical Stressors Affecting Childhood Obesity


Lichtveld, K., J. Clinger, K. Thomas, AND N. Tulve. Meta-Analysis of Chemical and Non-Chemical Stressors Affecting Childhood Obesity. Missouri Southern State University Earth Day Sustainability Conference, Joplin, MO, April 18, 2018.


The objective of this research was to identify and characterize chemical (23) and non-chemical stressors (78) that impact childhood obesity and conduct a meta-analysis of selected stressors and inherent factors (age, sex).


Childhood obesity is not a new notion but it is a growing epidemic around the world. There is approximately 42 million children under 5 around the world who are considered overweight or obese and here in the united states that is 12.7 million children between the ages of 2 and 19. Typically research has focused on individual factors that impact obesity but we are not interacting with one factor We are not interacting solely with participating with this even this earth day event. Think about it you probably had breakfast, drove here used the sidewalks all these interactions researchers have thought of as potential factors leading to obesity. We used these key terms and childhood plus obesity using google scholar and pubmed. From the nearly 30thousand articles published we looked at their titles and abstracts and we were able to narrow the numbers to about 1000 for full review and then in the end had 153 studies for the different meta-analysis

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