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EPA’s Research to Support On-Site Non-potable Water Systems


Garland, J. EPA’s Research to Support On-Site Non-potable Water Systems. SSWR Webinar Series - Nonpotable Water Reuse in Urban Environments, NA, June 21, 2017.


SSWR Webinar, June 21, 2017 related to ORD research to support decentralized nonpotable water systems


As the reuse of alternative water sources continues to gain popularity, public utilities and other stakeholders are seeking guidance on pathogen treatment requirements and monitoring approaches for nonpotable use of onsite collected water (e.g. combined wastewater, graywater, stormwater, and roof runoff). This talk will present risk-based pathogen log reduction requirements for various types of onsite collected wastewaters used for a range of nonpotable uses. In addition, approaches for monitoring treatment performance for pathogen removal will be discussed, emphasizing the limitation of traditional fecal indicators and the potential use of more commonly occurring and abundant microorganisms as process indicators.

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