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Public webinar: Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge


Hagler, G., K. Baker, P. Garbe, B. Lefer, L. Iraci, E. Williams, P. Lahm, AND M. Fitch. Public webinar: Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge. Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge Webinar, NA, May 08, 2017.


This is a public webinar to provide information on the Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge (


This multi-agency challenge seeks a field-ready prototype system capable of measuring constituents of smoke, including particulates, carbon monoxide, ozone, and carbon dioxide, over the wide range of levels expected during wildland fires. The prototype system should be accurate, light-weight, easy to operate, and capable of wireless data transmission, so that first responders and nearby communities have access to timely information about local air quality conditions during wildland fire events.


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Product Published Date: 05/08/2017
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