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Virtual Beach Manager Toolset


WOLFE, K. L., W. E. FRICK, R. G. ZEPP, M. MOLINA, M. J. CYTERSKI, AND R. S. PARMAR. Virtual Beach Manager Toolset. Presented at 7th Annual Surface Water Monitoring and Standards Meeting (SWiMS), Chicago, IL, March 18 - 20, 2008.


Refine and expand the validation of existing statistical models (e.g. multi-variable linear regression (MLR) models, such as Virtual Beach) for freshwater beach notification and advisories/closures, and develop method for model calibration for broader site specific applications.


The Virtual Beach Manager Toolset (VB) is a set of decision support software tools developed to help local beach managers make decisions as to when beaches should be closed due to predicted high levels of water borne pathogens. The tools are being developed under the umbrella of EPA’s Advanced Monitoring Initiative (AMI) and in support of the Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health (BEACH) Act. AMI is an EPA initiative that advances the goals of integrating science and environmental data into decision support tools useful to policy makers and individuals.

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