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Nuclear Hyperfine Structure in the Donor – Acceptor Complexes (CH3)3N-BF3 and (CH)33N-B(CH3)3


Hunt, S., D. Shelley, AND K. Leopold. Nuclear Hyperfine Structure in the Donor – Acceptor Complexes (CH3)3N-BF3 and (CH)33N-B(CH3)3. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy . Elsevier Online, New York, NY, 281:9-12, (2012).


This paper reports on fundamental physical chemistry work to better understand the interactions of acids and bases, electron transfer, and bond formation. The publication of this data will be useful in the spectroscopy community as the identification of the frequencies of these transitions will help in other work. It is incredibly unlikely that the paper will have policy implications for the agency.


The donor-acceptor complexes (CH3)3N-BF3 and (CH3)3N-B(CH3)3 have been reinvestigated at high resolution by rotational spectroscopy in a supersonic jet. Nuclear hyperfine structure resulting from both nitrogen and boron has been resolved and quadrupole coupling constants have been obtained. The results for both complexes indicate that approximately 0.4 electrons are transferred away from the (CH3)3N moiety upon formation of the dative bond.

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Product Published Date: 10/03/2012
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