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Fish Consumption in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, and North Dakota (Final Report)


U.S. EPA. Fish Consumption in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, and North Dakota (Final Report). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-13/098F, 2013.


The primary objective of the analysis was to identify populations that consume more fish and shellfish within the state’s general population and relative to the national general population and thus may be at higher risk of exposure to contaminants in fish and shellfish.


In August 2013, EPA announced the availability of the final report,Fish Consumption in Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Many state and local health agencies throughout the United States conduct area-specific surveys that monitor and evaluate contaminant levels in local fish and study local populations for fish consumption behavior.

Three surveys covering four states were selected for more in-depth fish consumption analysis because they contained data for specific targeted populations, had adequate sample size, and obtainable raw data. In addition, these surveys identified recreational anglers and collected information on the amount of fish consumed that was purchased versus self-caught.

These surveys covered Connecticut, Florida, and a combined survey of Minnesota and North Dakota.

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